Virtual Staging & Remodeling Services

Simple, quick, affordable and visually appealing!

Helping your buyers or renters visualize a space potential is incredibly important. Staging can be a crucial step if you're trying to sell your home especially if your home is empty when it comes time to shoot those listing photos. Unfortunately, staging can also be expensive and, depending on how much furniture-moving it entails, time-consuming. Enter "virtual staging," a technology that enables us to virtually stage your home with appealing, eye catching furniture that will help your buyers see the true potential of a room or outdoor space. As more agencies embrace this service, the results are yielding positive results for both sellers and buyers.

Give us your vacant property photos and we will add furniture, decor and life to the room. Its simple, quick and affordable. Because well-staged homes move property faster. Allow us to virtually remodel those outdated kitchens, backyards, tiled floors and paint. Showing a buyer what the home can look like helps them invision there home of the future.

Virtual Staging Examples

$28.00 per image
6 pack of staged images- $150.00
10 Pack of staged images- $220.00
20 pack of staged images- $399.00