Virtual Staging is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to sell their home without having to deal with the hassle of physically preparing it before they put it on the market. It’s also perfect for those who would like some help getting ready for open houses or other realtor-led events where you have limited time and need professional results fast.

What Is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging is a real estate photography technique that allows real estate agents to show their properties in the best possible light. This technique has been around for many years, but recently it has grown in popularity as more people are looking to buy or sell homes online. Virtual Staging is used by realtors and homeowners alike because it can be done from anywhere with an internet connection.

Virtual real estate photography is the art of creating a photorealistic view of space through computer graphics software. It uses photorealistic models, textures, lighting, and scenes to create an environment that can be viewed on a screen in seconds instead of hours spent with physical set-pieces at construction sites.

Most professional real estate photographers provide virtual Staging as a part of their service, and it is best to hire them for your virtual staging project.

Benefits Of Virtual Staging Solutions

There are many benefits that virtual Staging provides, such as:

Cost Saving: As everything is done virtually in software, there is no need to stage the property by hiring furniture and props.

Time Efficient: One of the most appealing features of virtual staging is how time-saving it can be as real estate agents or photographers do not have to spend hours setting up furniture and decors for the perfect shot.

Hiding Personal Details: This is one of the most popular reasons for virtual Staging. It can hide photos that might accidentally reveal personal details, such as children’s toys, clothing, and clutter.

Ease of Staging styles: Being able to create any style of staging that you can think of with software means a real estate agent or photographer does not need to have the same furniture, props, and decorations. From contemporary to rustic, virtual staging is an excellent way of achieving different styles.

Workflow Management: There is no reason for an agent to clutter their office space when they can easily store all the virtual photographs in one place on their computer rather than having them spread out around the office.

Virtual Staging: The Process

The real estate photographer and the real estate agent meet to discuss what they will need for the project. Careful consideration is given to how rooms should be staged with available items (virtual) or can be purchased in a tight time frame. This includes furniture, artwork, window coverings, and accessories like rugs or candles.

The real estate photographer and the client set up a timeline for meeting again to show progress. Real estate photographers typically have virtual staging furniture on hand or stock items that can be pulled together in an instant as needed.

The real estate agent can then view these images on their phone or tablet at high resolution immediately so that they can make adjustments in real-time before finalizing them for print or posting them online.

real estate photogray virtual staging

Virtual Staging Software

There are lots of software available for virtual staging. The features of virtual staging software include:

  • Interactive 3D rendering
  • 3D floor plans
  • Video walk-through
  • Professional interior design
  • Virtual remodeling and kitchen revision
  • Virtual landscaping

The virtual staging software will provide real-time feedback on how different objects look with one another. Therefore, the ideas for creating an attractive design are endless and only limited by the user’s imagination. This means that it’s possible to experiment with different layouts and designs.

Following are the top six virtual staging software in 2021

  • PadStyler
  • VRX Staging
  • roomy
  • Virtual Staging Solutions
  • VisualStager
  • Box Brownie

Virtual Staging A Must For Real Estate Listings

Virtual Staging is a new way of staging homes that has been popping up over the last couple of years. It uses virtual reality technology and real-life photography techniques to accurately represent how your home will look before you put it on the real estate market.

Virtual Staging is not a new concept, having been used in the gaming industry for years now to create alternative virtual worlds. What’s new is the real-life application of virtual Staging in real estate photography.

Agents need to be aware of this new technology to make selling homes much more efficient and effective! Virtual Staging provides an opportunity to see what potential buyers could do with your home by placing furniture, artwork, window coverings, accessories like rugs or candles. This gives viewers an idea about how each room would feel without visiting in person, which saves both parties time and money.

real estate photogray virtual staging

Virtual Staging Services

Phoenix Virtual Tours is the best real estate photography company in Arizona. We provide virtual Staging and virtual remodeling services to help you imagine how your rooms and property will look before committing to anything. Our team of photographers will take professional photos of your potential property and virtually staged it so you can see it before you buy it!

With our service, we’ll make sure that every detail of the house is captured with precision – from the kitchen to the bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. So you won’t have any surprises when viewing this property in person! No more guessing about how things look or feel at a place without actually seeing them first-hand.

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